We are located at 2100 Orchard Avenue in San Leandro.

Our philosophy is that everyone, regardless of physical condition, can live an active lifestyle and improve their quality of life through fitness.

We are owned and operated by a Doctor of Physical Therapy and with clients from age 5 to 78, we take pride in finding safe and creative ways for every individual to improve their quality of life through fitness.

With expert coaching and knowledgeable, experienced program design, anyone can achieve their optimal fitness level.

Our Classes

Harmony Boot Camp – Burn calories and increase strength during this forty-five-minute class using low-impact cardio and bodyweight movements. This class is great for all ages and is scaled to each individual’s ability. If you’re looking for a great cardiovascular workout with lighter weights, this is the class for you!

Harmony Mobility and Strength – This forty-five-minute class uses low-impact movements to strengthen your entire body, including stretching and mobility work that increases the range of motion used in everyday life. Class sizes are small to allow for modifications and corrections for each member. This class is great for older individuals (typical participants are 50+) looking to get a great workout without worrying about injury.

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We also offer strength classes and more!

Private Training and Physical Therapy Services

Looking for one-on-one training? Personal Training may be right for you! Our coaches and trainers cater to your goals and can work with any injury or fitness level.

In addition, we offer licensed physical therapy services and private/personal training services. Our specialty is filling the gap between conventional physical therapy post-injury or post-surgery and returning to the gym. Most people are not quite ready to return or are confused about what to do to return to their fitness routine safely. Our physical therapist has helped people with recurring shoulder dislocations safely begin CrossFit training, helped people with significant physical restrictions develop and maintain a safe routine to allow for increased abilities at home and in the community, helped older individuals participate in high-intensity programs safely, etc. Our physical therapist is passionate about people learning what they CAN do instead of being told all the things they can’t do.

All services are private pay, we do not bill insurances for services.